Ironhide Inspection and Analysis Software

Ironhide uses Standard LiDAR point cloud data from a storage tank or cylindrical vessel to create the most advanced API reporting with higher quality and quicker turn around than any other solution on the market.


Out of Service:

  • Automatic and full API reporting on Plumbness, Vericality, Settlement, Column Deflection, Alignment, Peaking, Banding, Tank Strapping, and more.
  • Super High Definition 3D viewable results
  • Full Table Data
  • Automatic Auto CAD output for client use

In Service Inspection:

  • Edge Settlement
  • Shell Roundness, Plumbness
  • Super High Definition 3D viewable results
  • Automatic Auto CAD output for client use

How it Works:

  1. An inspector places a LiDAR scanner inside or at stations around the tank and collects multiple scans of the asset
  2. All the point cloud data is saved to the scanner memory cards
  3. Point cloud data is “stitched” or registered by Ironhide or the client
  4. Data is cleaned up and pointcloud data “noise” is removed (ie. bad data, nozzles, scaffolding, etc)
  5. Data is loaded into our software to automatically create the full API compliant report.
  6. Ironhide certified inspectors review the report outputs for accuracy and quality
  7. Report is delivered to the client with summary information or complete engineering data and diagrams with recommendations for pass/fail analysis.
  8. From time of delivery of data until full reporting average 2-4 business days

The following is a very small sampling of imagery and analysis that is provided with the Ironhide reports. This type of report can be produced as fast as 24 hours after receipt of the 3D scanned data. In addition to the images shown below, the report comes with summaries indicating where code allowances have been exceeded.

3D model:


Typical LiDAR Point Cloud Scan


Same scan but with easy to read Ironhide analysis

Tank Floor Scan: settling, columns
 Floor Profile Floor Settlement

Tank Roof Scan: Analysis showing not only shape and dimensions but many more factors in a very easy to interpret fashion like the red and blue spots for plate waviness and for buckling,  bowing, etc including visuals on the individual roof plates used in construction. All indications are automatically aligned with API code standards to ensure conformity and compliance.

Roof Profile Roof Settlement













Tank Column Deflection Analysis:

Yellow lines show code tolerances for columns and where the column deviates from code automatically. Blue line shows deflection of actual column. No more manual review of code standards – Ironhide reports do this automatically. Below you can see a top down view of the columns including a line showing the direction of deflection. This view can easily show deflection patterns.



Scanning Properties:

Scanning properties are included with all our reports. This allows a quick reference of basic information about the asset and ambient conditions.


Tank Strapping Table:

Ironhide analysis can include automatically generated strapping tables that take into account any internal structures and provides highly accurate measurements and actual volumes.